Alliance Border Services helps you with all of your importing business needs.


With over 20 years of experience, Alliance Border Services helps businesses with all of their importing needs. We offer a variety of brokerage services, including applying for an import number on behalf of our clients and arranging pick up and delivery of shipments. We tailor our services to meet your personal and business needs, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition across international and provincial borders. Our highly trained customs specialists are ready and happy to guide you through the process.


Looking to import a vehicle into Canada? Our trained specialists can assist you with your customs clearance, ensuring you a fast and smooth transition process.

To ensure that you follow all the regulations for importing a vehicle into Canada there is a government website that outlines the process. Please check with RIV or Transport Canada to ensure it is on the list of vehicles allowed into Canada!

As a division of Summit International Trade Services Inc., we offer the additional services below through Summit Customs Brokers & Trade Consultants.


Our experienced consultants offer functional expertise in a vast array of professional fields to suit all of your consulting needs. We are dedicated to understanding the nature and inner workings of each client’s business to best serve you.

Canada Border Services Agency Rules and Appeals

Do you have a ruling that’s not in your favour? Our expert consultants are ready to help determine your best course of action, as well as guide you step by step through the appeals process.

Starting An Import Business

Our expert consultants can provide you with information and advice on all the requirements and proceedings involved in starting a new import business. This includes information on government departments and related business entities you will be dealing with on a daily basis.


Need help setting up a warehouse? Our consultants can provide you with all the information and requirements you will need. Already have a warehouse? Our warehouse management experts can provide valuable insight into controlling the goods being imported and exported through your warehouse to optimize efficiency and performance.


Summit provides a specialized “Small Parcels” importing service for delivery in the Greater Vancouver region as well as surrounding areas of the Okanagan. Suppliers can ship to our warehouse located in the United States. From there we will transport and clear your goods through customs hassle free as well as deliver to a destination of your choice. Goods are usually delivered the next business day after being received at our warehouse. This next day delivery feature makes our small parcel service one of the fastest brokerage services we provide.

Please note:

Please ensure your invoices/documents are attached to your shipment to prevent delays.


In addition to importing services, Summit provides additional assistance in various related areas.


  • Refunds and Drawbacks
  • Temporary Imports
  • Bonded Warehouse Entries

For these additional services, please visit Summit Customs Brokers & Trade Consultants or contact Summit at [email protected].

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